European Network of PA-Educators (ENPAE)

The European institutions and organizations involved in the education and training of Physician Assistants, Physician Associates, Medical Assistants, and comparable academic medical professions collaborate to establish a „European Network of PA – Educators“.

Across the world, academic medical professions are increasingly helping to ensure patient care. They are united by a high professional ethic, quality requirements, and common goals. However, differences exist between countries and sometimes also within individual countries in terms of educational pathways, scope of practice, health systems, and legal regulations. Respecting these national particularities, the quality of graduates and international mobility can be provided through guidance and assistance in the design of degree programs and final examinations.

Professionalization and competency acquirement are brought by the institutions and organizations involved in theoretical and practical training. By integrating nationally differing institutions, members of ENPAE are actively involved in the following topics:

  • core standards for accreditation, certification and re-certification
  • educational modalities
  • conditions of admission, achievable academic degree, academic development
  • examination procedures
  • certified advanced training and specialization
  • continuous medical education
  • network of clinical partners for job shadowing and student exchange
  • regular joint meetings

ENPAE aims to work closely with its sister organization, PAEA in the USA to share experiences and ressources. Additionally, ENPAE supports exchanges with other national and global organizations of Physician Assistant / Physician Associate educators such as the IAPAE and IAPAO. It promotes student organization by PA students such as IFPACS.

ENPAE respects the fields of activity and areas of responsibility of national and international professional associations of Physician Assistants / Physician Associates. Furthermore, it supports and advises them on matters regarding university education all while seeking collaboration with them on common issues in regard to the profession and education.

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